Our Overview

We fund projects in Africa to accelerate the social and ecological aspects with the aim of creating positive impact to the community

How It Works

We accept social and ecological impactful innovations from the African diaspora community that have a strong game-changing project in Africa. Startups must have a strong purpose and create both tangible and measurable impact beyond financial returns.


Projects are reviewed and approved for an intensive evaluation followed by a three-month training dubbed Plug-In Accelerator program. Projects that meet the threshold are benchmarked for direct funding.


The vision of Jamala Integral Fund is focused on achieving sustainable development goals in Africa. Through partnerships, fundamental and inclusive development trajectories have been achieved.

The Funding Model

The funding mechanism › Eligibility and approval – Impactful and sustainable projects - Technical and structured training – Strategic evaluation and direct funding

What The African Diaspora are Saying

Feedback from diaspora community

Latest News

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