What Are The Benefits of Accelerator Program

What Are The Benefits of Accelerator Program

What Are The Benefits of Accelerator Program

A legitimate question that we get people asking us often.  Most people want to know what benefits they will get by joining any accelerator program.

The biggest value that entrepreneurs will get and which lies in accelerator programs are in the mentorship program and the huge network their you will eventually be exposed to.

Jamala’s accelerator program will link you together with link-minded diaspora entrepreneurs across the African continent living abroad.

You’ll also be granted access to the people you want to meet most, Business Angels and investors during our own Investor Mingle and Twingle Forum.

To give you a quick rundown on how Mingle and Twingle Forum work, what we do is bring in these Angels or investors to hand one-on-one meetings with you at our space.

This way you will do away with the daunting cold emailing process to get past the front desk, gatekeeper, secretary and God knows who else.

You don’t have to do any outreach with us. All you need to do is to just show up to the meeting punctually 🙂


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